Alessandra is a collaborative analytic leader, working to support nonprofits and local governments in doing more good better.

Empowering Nonprofits & Local Government

Data Coaching, Analysis, and Evaluation

Areas of Practice

Program Design & Planning

Planning can catalyze growth and improve service. Planning without a clear purpose or without a sense of urgency can lead to paralysis. I create clear plans to help drive decision-making and ensure that data analysis meets client needs.

Strategy Adjustment

Making changes based on analysis is a key part of continually improving. I work with large and small datasets and both qualitative and quantitative information to make adjustments for better services. 


Analytics Implementation

Good implementation is the heart of our service work. I use best practice project management, data collection and storage practices, and leadership skills to support your team's success in improving lives.

Reporting & Shared Measurement

Shared measurement is important for public reporting and collective impact. My experience includes designing indicators, measuring indicators and implementing performance reporting in diverse environments.

Reflection on Results

Assessing results is increasingly required by funders and others. High quality analysis includes authentic listening as well as quantitative measurement. If you need support analyzing data or interpreting results, I'd love to help.