Alessandra is a collaborative analytic leader, working to support nonprofits and local governments in doing more good better.


Experienced Analytic Leader


Alessandra Pollock

Work Experience

Independent Practice, Seattle WA
Principal (July 2016-present)

My work focuses on empowering clients to use data as a valuable resource and feel confident about the quality of their data systems. Recent projects include:

  • Data coaching for youth re-engagement programs combined with learning community workshops
  • Quantitative analysis on dual credit coursework in the South King County region
  • Evaluating a health workforce shared measurement effort and recommending strategies for sustainability
  • Landscape analysis for out-of-school time programming in King County
  • Supporting data entry efforts and creating sustainable systems for data collection processes

Community Center for Education Results, Seattle WA
Director for Data (February, 2015 to July, 2016) and Data Analyst (December, 2013 to January, 2015)

At CCER, I served as an analyst and leader for the Road Map Project Data Team, focused on analysis and reporting for key student education outcomes from cradle through college and career. I served as a founding member of the CCER Equity Team, supporting improved relationships and community within the organization and increasing CCER's capacity to use an equity lens in operations and policy development.

  • Served as Chief Data Security Officer, managing data governance and security, and student data privacy protocol and practice.
  • Managed the CCER SQL Server database. Ensured adequate resources, staffing, and knowledge is available to support the database for current use and for additional data sources. Several new data sources and functionalities were added to the system in 2015, allowing for new research on student growth percentiles, mobility issues, and around College Bound Scholarship recipients.  In 2016, the database was re-architected in collaboration with a consulting team to better reflect industry standards and provide improved performance for both existing and new datasets.
  • Managed relationships with data partners and brokers.
  • Ensured the delivery of high quality, timely annual reports for Road Map Project indicators of student success as well as analytic products that support action and data-driven decision making by Road Map Project partners. In late 2015, we upgraded our reporting processes from print reports to an online Tableau dashboard, and exponentially increased our ability to deliver insight to stakeholders.
  • Staffed the Road Map Project Data Advisors Group, ensuring guidance from highly skilled research and content area experts on Road Map Project analyses.
  • Supported the Data Team with a focus on continuous improvement, collaboration, and employee development and growth. Supported strategic thinking, continuous improvement efforts, and project management needs.
  • Provided strategic, data coaching, and continuous improvement support for the Road Map Project Opportunity Youth (youth re-engagement) team and for other Road Map Project teams.
  • Developed tools to support workgroup action planning and status reporting.
  • Participated in Road Map Project evaluation efforts and support CCER logic model and other strategic tool development.
  • Provided performance reporting for the Road Map Region Race to the Top federal education grant. Worked collaboratively with the Puget Sound Educational Service District to meet federal reporting requirements and provide additional related analysis to serve the grant execution.


King County Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget (PSB), Seattle WA
Performance Management Analyst (May, 2012 to December, 2013)                                                                                         

At PSB, I coordinated an overhaul of King County's performance reporting website to report progress on the King County Strategic Plan to the public and County leaders, including over 250 metrics for community indicators and performance measures and provided additional analytic and performance management support to the King County Executive Leadership Team. I was honored to serve on the PSB Equity Committee, working to improve the racial and economic equity of King County PSB policies and procedures. 

Performance Reporting Website Update

  • Collected data from across all King County Departments and functions, working collaboratively with staff.
  • Collected federal, state, and local data to provide key community indicators.
  • Provided framework and guidance for analysis of data across King County functions.
  • Assisted with data collection and performance metric definition as needed.
  • Worked with website developer and designer as well as PSB staff to design and implement website, including data analysis, data visualizations (both tables and charts), and maps.
  • Managed one staff person’s contribution to the project, including all orientation and training regarding project management systems and use as well as guidance on data visualization and analysis.

Performance Management Analysis and Leadership

  • Served on committee for new capital projects performance website, now expanded to provide more detailed and responsive King County performance reporting at PSB.
  • Coordinated and helped improve performance management deployment
  • Coordinated weekly presentation by Division level staff , including reviewing presentation slide deck and providing technical performance measurement assistance as needed.
  • Served on small project team designing new performance management system based on employee feedback, use of Lean continuous improvement concepts, and Executive Leadership Team (ELT) needs. Provided assistance to ELT members, technical support to Department staff, and coordination for the project team.
  • Facilitated improvements to weekly status updates for major projects for the Executive Leadership Team. Designed and administered survey on current use, interviewed ELT members on their needs, reported qualitative results, worked with ELT members to design updates and then provided training and technical support for Department staff regarding new procedures.
  • Provided technical assistance for datagathering  and performance management issues
  • Assisted with complex turnover analysis for Human Resources Division, using data pulled from the County’s Oracle database.
  • Developed survey questions and other metrics for Office of Risk Management for performance management with internal customers.
  • Provided assistance to Community Corrections Division regarding appropriate quality and timeliness performance measures for work crew and community service programs, including working around limitations with data collection and availability.


Seattle Municipal Court, Seattle WA
Program and Policy Analyst (July, 2006 to May, 2012)  

At Seattle Municipal Court, I supported a range of analytic projects, working with a highly diverse and complex organization. My work supported the Mental Health Court, revenue recovery efforts, courtroom staff processes, and budget decision making. In addition, I provided performance management training for Court managers and facilitated an employee-led recognition committee. 

  • Communicated complex technical issues to Court Administration and Judicial Leadership.
  • Analyzed recidivism for defendants involved in traditional court and Mental Health Court (MHC).
  • Presented MHC recidivism data and analytic framework at the 2010 National GAINS Conference on Mental Health Courts.
  • Improved Court’s ability to manage and communicate results of various Court programs and activities
  • Instituted more flexible and timely reporting of Mental Health Court workload and outcome data.
  • Developed performance measurement processes for Court Departments, including Finance and Probation.
  • Analyzed staffing needs for Court Call Center based on workload and performance targets.
  • Provided ongoing and ad hoc analysis and outcome measurement to support efficient management of Court’s workload, including analysis of hearing assignment, workload trends, and jail savings.
  • Used data to identify gap in services for mentally ill clients, resulting in new program leveraging resources across jurisdictions to house and treat these clients.
  • Supported improvements in Court’s Revenue Recovery program as a result of research and analysis, including supervision of graduate-level intern to assist in data gathering and analysis.
  • Assisted Court Client Survey design and implementation, including supervision of graduate-level intern.
  • Facilitated the Court’s employee-led Recognition Committee, tasked with making recommendations to Court Administration about how to improve Court recognition efforts.
  • Trained the Court’s Probation Reception Area team to implement process improvement techniques. The team was able to improve communication with Probation Officers leading to reduced scheduling and contact inefficiencies.
  • Delivered training for Court Management staff on performance measurement planning techniques, as part of the Court’s Leadership Development Seminar.
  • Managed the Court’s 2012 Mental Health Court evaluation, including providing direction regarding appropriate outcomes and managing project for timeliness and scope.
  • Managed Court’s contract for clinical Court Liaison Services in Mental Health Court
  • Improved reporting and results in Mental Health Court contract for clinical liaison services.
  • Worked collaboratively with King County partners to obtain and implement contract for additional Mental Health Court Liaison services through King County MIDD funding (Mentally Ill Drug Dependent sales tax revenue).


King County Department of Community and Human Services, Seattle WA
Program and Policy Analyst, Contracted Position (January, 2006 to June, 2006) 

  • Created performance measurement processes for Developmental Disabilities (DD) Division, including identifying outcomes, outcome indicators, and reconciling data measurement needs with current resource capacity.
  • Created inventory of housing and criminal justice related services provided through DCHS for gaps in services for specific populations.
  • Revised and developed general performance measurement improvements for DCHS Divisions including Mental Health, Chemical and Drug Dependency Services Division and Community Services Division.
  • Participated in DCHS planning effort to respond to 2007 budget-required performance measures and new King County Performance Measurement program.


United Way of Benton County, Corvallis OR
Director of Community Impact (2004 to 2005)

My main focus at United Way of Benton County was to implement a new performance-based granting process in collaboration with United Way staff and volunteers. I also coordinated a community assessment process, involving major community stakeholders in an assessment of social and health indicators in Benton County. And, I administered an emergency funding program for local community members in need of support for basic needs. 

  • Developed grant materials and conducted community outreach.
  • Recruited and trained volunteers to evaluate grants.
  • Evaluated and refined process after first round of grants awarded.
  • Supported small nonprofit organizations as they developed performance measurement programs
  • Provided formal training and technical assistance in performance measurement techniques for local nonprofits, based on United Way funding requirements.
  • Co-taught performance measurement fundamentals seminar.


United Way of King County, Seattle WA
Evaluator and Graduate Research Assistant for the Individual Development Account Program (2002 to 2003)

I created initial evaluation reports to show baseline data regarding participants in a lowincome savings program

  • Analyzed survey data collected by multiple community based organizations using descriptive and statistical techniques.
  • Developed reports to illustrate client characteristics and progress and to provide comparisons with other IDA programs.
  • Made presentations to United Way staff and agencies.
  • Refined and designed survey instruments for use with a diverse population, including those for whom English is a second language.


King County Auditors Office, Seattle WA
Management Auditor Intern (2001 to 2002)

I co-authored the King County Communications (911) Center Performance Audit and contributed to the King County Jail Health as part of King County Department of Adult Detention Audit.

  • Contributed to projects, managed timelines, and developed project scope as full audit team member.
  • Interviewed County employees, from frontline staff to department heads, in order to learn about department/agency functions and performance.
  • Analyzed quantitative and qualitative data collected by Auditing team using statistical techniques as well as principles of public administration (staffing, personnel management, financial management including budgeting and revenue projection).
  • Reported findings and recommendations (including goals, objectives, and/or outcomes) and made presentations of results to King County Council committees.

Technology and Certificates

Highly proficient user of MS Office products, including Access and Excel (with PowerPivot). Significant experience and expertise using SQL to query large and small databases. Proficient using Tableau, including mapping capabilities and R. Familiar with many different types of project and software management products, including Microsoft Project, Atlassian Confluence and JIRA, and Basecamp.

Salesforce Certified Administrator

Completed September, 2017

Business Intelligence Certificate: Techniques for Decision-Making

University of Washington, Professional and Continuing Education Program
Completed June, 2011
Coursework: Data presentation and visualization, multidimensional data architectures, whatif analyses, statistical analyses and time series, data mining models, applications and requirements.


M.P.A. Master’s Degree in Public Administration Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
University of Washington, Seattle WA, 2003
Degree Project: identified statistical differences in domestic violence protection order filings in
two local courts; awarded Outstanding Research Project for 2003

Coursework: policy analysis, program design & evaluation, financial management, public &
nonprofit management, urban affairs, social enterprise

B.S. Psychology   
Montana State University, Bozeman MT, 1998